Our Story……

It all started back in 2001. I was working in the Corporate world as a Marketing Executive for Baylor SurgiCare. I was pregnant with my second daughter and wanting to become a stay at home mom. My husband of 23 years and I talked about it and decided it was best if I stayed home with our girls. So I did it, I quit Corporate! But much to my dismay, being a stay at home mom is not at all what I thought it would be. For me staying at home is harder than working! I hated asking for money. I was always cleaning. I never had time to put on makeup or take care of me.

My mom, Barbara was already working in the consignment furniture business when I approached her to open our own store. My mom is the best thing that ever happened to me! Obviously, she said yes. We have been working together going on 9 years now. I’ve only had to fire her once.

Opening a store allowed me to work, and be a Mom too. I brought my daughter to work with me and then she grew to a Mom’s day out program and then to a Pre-School program and then eventually to full time school.

We opened Second Home Furniture in October of 2002. I remember shopping for our wrought iron products a few months before we opened. We crossed the border in Mexico the day the Iraq war started. I thought to myself “are we crazy going into a foreign country when the world is in such chaos“? We’ll I guess it has all worked out. We’re still bringing back iron from Mexico and we’re still accepting consignment furniture and accessories. And now were expanding to an online store as well. LIFE IS GOOD!

Pink Gecko is the name of our online store. Pink Gecko is an online boutique with accessories, jewelry, food products, candles, and so much more. We are selling new and gently used everything! You better buy it now; because it won’t be here tomorrow!

Thank you to all of our customers through the years. Thank you to all of our friends and family for the support, love and understanding as we grow through each venture.




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