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The consignment policy of Pink Gecko is intended to maintain high quality clothes & accessories and unique, rare, collectible items for our customers, while allowing the consignor to earn the most monies possible for their consignment items. Pink Gecko accepts designer clothing, purses, shoes, furs & jewelry. We also take rare and unique collectibles. Items are accepted Monday - Saturday 10am -6pm at our consignment store Second Home Furniture located at 1288 West Main, #132, Lewisville, Texas 75067
214-222-HOME No appointment necessary.

All clothing must be in mint condition, freshly cleaned, presented on hangers, suitable for the season & within 2 years of current styles. Pink Gecko only accepts brand names. Items can not have stains, rips, tears or missing buttons. Pink Gecko keeps items for a maximum of 90 days with a 50/50 split.

Pink Gecko does not accept or list faux merchandise and we disclaim responsibility for knowledge of faux merchandise. It’s the consignor’s responsibility to take the necessary action to assure the authenticity of their items. Under the law, lack of knowledge as to whether or not an item is counterfeit (faux), does not excuse the Consignor’s liability. It is your responsibility as a consignor to ensure the authentic nature of the item presented. If the Consignor can not verify the authenticity, Pink Gecko will not permit the item(s) to be listed.

After items are sold, Pink Gecko will pay you 30 days after the sale of the item. It is your responsibility as a consignor to check on your items. Pink Gecko will issue a check at the Consignor’s request or you can use Store Credit towards a purchase.

If you would like to consign from out of State or need to send consignments in by mail please contact for more details.

Come on consign with Pink Gecko you’ll be glad you did!

Download the Pink Gecko Consignment Agreement here.

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